About Stuti

The Scheme ‘Synergistic Training program Utilizing the Scientific and Technological Infrastructure’ (STUTI) is intended to build human resource and its knowledge capacity through open access S&T Infrastructure across the country. As a complement to the various schemes of DST funding for expansion of R&D Infrastructure at academic institutions, STUTI scheme envisions a hands-on training program and sensitization of the state-of-the-art equipment as well as towards sharing while ensuring transparent access of S&T facilities.

The training will be conducted on a hub-and-spoke model approach. The Department of Science and Technology as the apex body will identify an Institute that shall function as a Project Management Unit (PMU). The hubs will essentially be Organizations having availed projects under FIST/ PURSE/ CURIE/ SAIF/ SATHI schemes. The PMU then shall act as a hub further identify host institutes/ departments in the catchment areas for coordinating and imparting the training in a smooth and efficient manner.

  • Organization of training program on DST supported R&D equipment targeting Scientists/ Professors/ PhDs and PDFs actively involved in research across various institutions in the country.
  • Organization of awareness program on R&D equipment/ facility for school students (Science stream) in catchment areas by means of short training and popular science events.

Eligibility: All Science (including Medical & Agriculture) and Engineering Departments/ Centres having received Government funding for developing R&D Infrastructure under various schemes of DST such as FIST, PURSE, CURIE, SAIF and SATHI are eligible to apply under the STUTI program.