Amity Institute Of Training & Development

7 talents of Manager

Research has indicated that nurturing seven talents positively impacts employee productivity, retention and revenue, all factors that have a meaningful impact on managers’ career growth and company’s bottom line. The objective of the program is to reinforce the positive impact of the seven talents and help the manger and in turn the organisation reap the benefits of overall productivity. This program comprises 7 modules - 1. Big Picture Thinking 2. Setting Clear Direction 3. Building Strong teams 4. Delivering Results 5. Coaching for Performance 6. Getting Creative and 7. Realising your potential.

Participants will:

  • Create, strengthen and manage relationships with your team members
  • Give hope, build momentum and share your passion
  • Being at your best more of the time
  • Set the direction of you and your team, making it clear who is driving what