Delivering Results

Building Vision

When we think of successful individuals, they all have one thing in common- a remarkable vision that they pursued or are pursuing. The vision needs to be realistic as well as engaging so that it brings together ideas, values, and future purpose.

We all have our basic goals in mind, but it is important to give those goals a direction. Let us try to understand that what are the goals that we wish to achieve, what are the value we wish to embody and what is the change that we wish to bring in. All these parameters need to be perfectly defined in a vision. This workshop aims to support the candidates in building a vision that is well specified, encouraging, meaningful and most importantly reachable.

During this 90-minute workshop, participants would explore -

  • What are the important elements of vision?
  • Challenges one faces while forming a vision.
  • How core values are important in building vision?
  • Explore the Core Purpose of your vision.
  • Explore the ways to build brave goals on the lines of vision you have for yourself.
  • Understanding the importance of describing your goals well.