Amity Institute Of Training & Development

Empathy : Influencing without authority

In a world of multifunctional teams, globalization and flatter organizational structure, one simply can't rely on a position of power to make demands; rather one needs the ability to empathise and influence others to help one achieve goals. Empathy is a key skill in the workplace. It can enable one to resolve conflicts, to build more productive teams, and to improve relationships with co-workers, clients and customers.

Participants will:

  • Identify what it means to influence without authority and how you can do empathically.
  • Learn to read the larger context in which you wish to influence without authority
  • How lack of empathy in one-on-one encounters has the potential to cause psychological harm.
  • Understanding what gets in the way and develop, manage and optimise reasoned empathy in complaints.
  • Influencing Without Authority using empathy will teach you how to engage others, manage interactions and best of all, shape outcomes enabling you to become a more effective at workplace.