Amity Institute Of Training & Development

Energizing your Team

It is important for team leaders and managers to know how to re-energize their staff when needed. Doing so can help reignite productivity and enthusiasm, which will ultimately lead to success. Energizing the team may not be such a grandiose affair with several out bound activities but it could be a set of very small things that could achieve the desired result.

Participants will:

  • Often encouraging creativity within the team is one way the team members can feel energized; seeing one’s ideas contributing to organization goals can be a good motivator
  • Leaders need to be approachable to feedback from the team and this one thing can make employees feel more valuable.
  • Appreciate that changing job roles can significantly motivate a team.
  • Being empathetic to individuals going through a difficult time can be very useful as it send the message that the team is ready to standby any individual during a crisis.
  • Finally, it is important to keep the fun element alive by celebrating special achievements in a non- official setting, celebrating birthdays and other such activities.