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Transformation of Sales Manager to Performance Enablement Coach Read Time: 3 mins

Coaching is the most effective tool for managers to improve sales performance. The highly successful sales managers are the ones who are always learning and developing their own skills so that they can lead their team to achieve sales goals effectively. This is even more significant for managers who are experienced and have been very successful as an individual contributor and are now managing a team. There had been several instances of high performing individual contributors who have failed miserably in driving their teams as they did not transform from manager to coach. It is therefore imperative that Sales Managers need to be coached as well refining them as a coach destined for a high-performance path. Performance Enablement Sales Coaching model explores the continuous relationship of activities, objectives and results. The goal alignment strategy helps in setting activities and objectives that are likely to produce the desired results.

Today’s high-performing sales leaders are required to perform a very critical role which revolves around three major objectives leading to achieve business goals in a fiercely competitive eco system.

Step by step approach of a high performance Sales Coaching

Coaching Framework

Developing a coaching framework in terms of systems and well-defined processes which are conducive and easy to implement. Setting up a progressive and dynamic coaching framework is absolutely critical for rolling out effective high performance coaching

Performance Benchmarks

Identification of appropriate performance standards and key competencies required to achieve the desired performance lay the foundation of effective coaching structure

Goal Alignment

Each team members has individual goals and aspirations which needs to channelized and aligned with organizational goals in a manner that motivates and energizes the team to perform

Sales Process

Sales is a well defined step by step process which needs to be impregnated into the team for higher conversions and better results. Effective sales processes mirror the customer’s buying processes and therefore coaching processes are defined accordingly.

Coaching Feedback

Feedback in coaching is very important, constructive and specific feedback is the key to successful coaching. Feedback plays the most critical role in success and failure of team performance

Overcoming Obstructions

Dealing with high emotions and Impasses are the biggest challenges faced by sales professionals. Good coaching techniques to overcome these obstructions is highly critical as most of the deals get stuck at this point and does not get closed.

Coaching for Performance

Sales Manager transforms as a Performance Coach, guiding and supporting the team member at every step of the sales process leading to higher conversions and better results.

The successful implementation of this coaching model results in the following benefits:-


- Managers are able to assess critical skills & performance gaps of their team members

- Equip the team with highly impactful sales process

- Facilitate the team with application of tools and techniques to reinforce learning

- Develop the leadership coaching skills that help improve individual performance

- Lead and effect behavior change conducive for performance mindset

- Achieve Incremental sales performance

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By: Ashish Sahu

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