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Empowering your people: Creating a Future-Proof Workforce

A Conversation with Ms. Jayeeta Sarkar

In the current global crises, businesses and communities are facing the most challenging moments of their lives. As we move through the current situation and hope for recovery, planning for the new normal upon re-entry to work is essential. In developing this roadmap, successful companies need to create a future-proof workforce – one that is crisis – resilient and flexible.

The aim would be to empower the workforce to be productive today while strengthening your business resilience strategy to aid in re-entry to the new normal. What are the key areas of focus? How to keep the workforce engaged? What new skills are required to thrive in the future?  

About: Ms. Jayeeta Sarkar:

Ms. Jayeeta Sarkar is a proven Learning and Development professional with over 20 years of experience in diversified industries including Hospitality, Telecom, and Healthcare. She has been with HCL Healthcare since its inception and has played key roles. Currently, she is leading a multi-dimensional portfolio encompassing Diversity and Inclusion, Talent Development, Employee Experience, and Engagement. Jayeeta is an NLP certified trainer, mentor and life coach.  

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Moderated by Brig R. K. Sharma


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