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IOT in Insurance Sector: Today and in the Future

A Conversation with Mr Peter Pugh-Jones

The Internet of Things has entered the day to day lives of customers around the globe, it has transformed business models across industries. This environment brings opportunities for insurers: to develop new products, open new distribution channels, and extend their role to include prediction, prevention, and assistance. Insurers have mainly used the capabilities of IoT to support interactions with customers and to accelerate and simplify underwriting and claims processing. However, new IoT-based services and business models are emerging that are highly attractive to insurers.

To discuss the new emerging business models and how IoT is revolutionizing the world making it imperative for organizations to embrace change, evolve and transform, we had invited Mr Peter Pugh-Jones, Head of IoT Operations, EMEA & AP at SAS to our Leadership Studio for his valuable insights.

About: Mr Peter Pugh-Jones :

Mr Peter Pugh-Jones leads a team of expert industry consultants across EMEA & APAC for the global IoT division at SAS. During a career spanning four decades, he has been lucky enough to have worked all over the world in diverse roles and sectors of technology and software industries. A passionate believer in utilising the right tools and technology to deliver the best value and outcomes, Peter considers himself a lifelong learner with an optimistic view of the future of technology.

With the convergence of robotics, analytics, artificial intelligence and IoT on the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution, he believes there has never been a more exciting or important time to be working in the advanced analytics space as we begin the journey to operationalize AI and transform all our lives for the better. In this recorded session, Peter had talked about IoT in the insurance industry and how advances in AI & IoT is driving innovation for the sector and forcing insurers to consider new ways to define policies and their revenue models. Peter had shared examples of his experiences working with customers in different areas of the insurance industry such as Construction, Shipping, Transportation and Automotive.

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