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Press Release: Leading Digitally Connected Supply Chains of the Future Read Time: 2 mins

Amity University conducts a 12-day Residential Training Program on "Leading Digitally Connected Supply Chains of the Future", sponsored by Ministry of External Affairs February 13, 2023:

A 12-day residential training programme on "Leading Digitally Connected Supply Chains of the Future" was held at Amity University in Uttar Pradesh from January 30 to February 11, 2023, and was sponsored by the Ministry of Extemal Affairs as part of the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Program. 24 foreign participants from more than 12 nations, including Nigeria, Malawi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Maldives, Mauritius, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Romania, Thailand, Mali, and Tajikistan, took part in the training programme.

The program's key goals were to comprehend new global digital supply chain networks and technologies, improve business performance and supply chain efficiency by implementing new technologies, and create future-proof and resilient digital supply chains.

The 12-day training course, which was divided into 7 modules, had 15 sessions, 3000+ minutes of interaction with 10 coaches and guest speakers, 50+ case studies, and simulation exercises, as well as a 130+ page manual on how to lead future supply chains that are digitally connected.

The programme brought the concepts of leadership to life by combining interesting video lectures, instructive real-world examples, lively conversations, and an action learning project based on the present role and issue, allowing the participants put the concepts into practice as they learned them.

During the twelve-day Training Programme, industrial Guest Lectures on Supply Chain were delivered by Ashish Negi - Sr. Director of service logistics for DHL; Capt. Jathin Sharma- Director, Strategy and solution design at Aetos DigiLog: Vikas Khatri -Founder, Aviral Consulting; and Sarika Arora - Former CMO LimeRoad.

In addition, the participants were taken on an industrial visit to IDC Technologies & Holisol Logistics to get a brief understanding of the Supply Chain industries.


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