Amity Institute Of Training & Development

Managing Upwards

Leadership workshops focus on how to manage others, meaning how to manage and lead those that you directly supervise however this also equally applies to managing your supervisor, managing “up”. How to manage your boss is a skill regardless of the relationship that you have or effective your boss is at doing their job. Your effectiveness can be a direct result of how you “manage up”.

Participants will:

  • To be more confident in dealing with your boss, particularly in difficult situations.
  • Have a better understanding of your boss' style and will have developed effective strategies for developing an exceptional working relationship.
  • Have better understand the pressures and priorities your boss is facing and how to support him/her in dealing with them.
  • Learn effective communication skills which will serve you in dealing with complaints and objections as well as the ability to communicate with brevity and impact.
  • Have a better awareness of yourself in terms of your own behavioural strengths and weaknesses.