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Driving Employee Engagement In A Challenging Period

A Conversation with MR. SWAPNIL TULSANKAR

During the tough economic times associated with the current pandemic, maintaining and even raising employee engagement takes on increased significance. Businesses need engaged employees more than ever to get through this challenging period. They need to be prepared for the long haul as this global pandemic isn’t likely to just disappear overnight.

Employees might struggle with feelings of uncertainty, isolation and physical and emotional stress. They need to feel an emotional connection to the company. Employee engagement is the extent to which employees are motivated to work hard, how passionate they feel about the company and how invested they are in their work.

How can companies engage their workforce to make employees “go the extra mile”? How can collaboration be enhanced to achieve the common goal? How can businesses create a friendly, supportive and approachable workplace environment? To get answers to these questions and other employee-engagement issues we have with us today Mr Swapnil S Tulsankar, Head HR, Bisleri International Pvt Ltd.


Swapnil has 15 years of experience in HR domain in FMCG, food and beverage sectors and Infrastructure.

As Head HR, he works closely with top management to conceptualize large scale OD and change intervention projects. He has vast experience in Talent Management, Performance Management, IR and digital HR.

An Engineer with Masters in Management from Mumbai University.

Swapnil is a guest faculty in Engineering colleges and a passionate corporate trainer.

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Moderated by Brig R.K. Sharma


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